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Triple Bypass Group Sep 2022

Highlander Composite Members in Eagle for the Triple Bypass 2022

Highlander Composite Squadron

Highlands Ranch, CO

Cadet Competition in formation 2022

Cadets in formation - 2022

Practice beacon located - 2022

Cadets and Senior members participated in a SAREx (Search and Rescue Exercise) and located a practice beacon.

5th Monday Fun Night at iFly - Aug 2023

Highlander Composite had a fun night at iFly. Cadets had the opportunity to participate in one low and one high flight in addition to learning about the aerodynamics of sky diving. 

Senior Members - Mission Scanner Training 2022

Senior members participating in Mission Scanner training.

Cadets in formation reading their SOP's

Cadets reading their SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in preparation for Encampment.

Highlander with Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado

Members learned about how search and rescue dogs are trained, how they work and had the opportunity to watch a dog work and search for a cadet who was hidden in the building.

Squadron Commander at 5th Monday Fun Night at iFly - Aug 2023

Even the Senior Members join in on the fun on Fun Nights.

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