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Orientation Flights


CAP gives cadets the opportunity to experience the wonder of flight. Orientation flights are among the most exciting aspects of cadet life. Cadets have the opportunity to participate in 5 powered and 5 glider orientation flights by the time they are 18 for FREE.

Through orientation flights in powered aircraft and gliders, cadets experience flight first-hand. CAP's pilots are licensed by the FAA, follow a syllabus for each flight, and ensure the flight is conducted safely. See the squadron commander for information about when the next opportunity to fly is scheduled.

Powered and Glider Syllabus's can be found in the Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide (CAPP 60-40).

  • Glider Flight Syllabus on pages 20 - 25
  • Powered Flight Syllabus on pages 29 - 34


Powered Orientation Flights

Powered orientation flights are offered throughout the year. Highlander Composite Squadron powered orientation flight days are on the 2nd Saturday of the month. However dependent on availability another Saturday may be an option. Also, if Saturday's don't work please talk to Maj. Borchelt and we may be able to schedule another day for you.

Aircraft Ground Handling Training and Test

The Aircraft Ground handling training and test is required prior to participating in a powered orientation flight. In order to provide the highest level of safety and to raise awareness of what is needed to minimize incidents, CAP requires all members who regularly come in contact with aircraft or supervise air operations to view an aircraft ground handling training video and take a short test. 

How to take the test and receive credit:

  • Login to eServices
  • Go to Menu/Online Learning/Learning Management System
  • Click on Go to Axis at the top of the page.
  • Click on the Course Catalog tab.
  • Search for and click Enroll next to Aircraft Ground Handling Training.
    • Note: This course will not display on your Main Portal tab.
  • Watch the Aircraft Ground Handling Video.
  • Complete the Aircraft Ground Handling Test.
    • This is a 10 question, un-timed test.
  • Once you have completed the test, it will automatically be recorded in your member file.
    • It is recommended to still print/save a file of the completion certificate to keep on file. 

Highlander Composite Squadron primarily does their power orientation flights out of Centennial Airport at the Denver Jet Center East.

Address:  13000 E Control Tower Rd, Englewood, CO 80112, USA

Sign-up: Powered Orientation Flight Sign-up


Glider Orientation Flights

Glider orientation flights are not offered often, so try to take the opportunity to participate in a glider flight when sign-ups are announced. 

Wing Runner Course

The Wing Runner training and test is required prior to participating in a glider orientation flight. Safe soaring operations depend upon good coordination between the glider pilot, tow pilot, and ground crew. This course is based on the standard signals and operating procedures of the Soaring Society of America, which may be found in the Soaring Flight Manual, available through the SSA and many U.S. soaring operations. Newly certificated wingrunners should receive practical instruction on wingrunning at their particular soaring operation before putting their knowledge into practice, as special circumstances often require unique signals and procedures to be used.

How to take the test and receive credit:

There are two locations Glider Flights could be flown from:

Boulder Municipal Airport Address: 

  • 3327 Airport Rd, Boulder, CO 80301

Near Meadow Lake Airport: 


Questions? Contact our Aerospace Officer, Maj. K. Borchelt or the Squadron Commander. 


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