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CEAP (Cadet Encampment

Assistance Program)

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Yes, some of the activities have grants or scholarships that can be applied for posted with their activity information. The Colorado CAP Foundation also offers scholarships or grants for NCSA's, Encampment, and other activities. There is also the CadetInvest Financial Assistance program.


Colorado CAP Foundation

The Colorado Civil Air Patrol Foundation is a tax-exempt Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with its office in Centennial, Colorado.  The Foundation is headed by a volunteer, unpaid, board of directors made up of civic and corporate leaders from across the state.  The board is charged with providing philanthropic support to assist in meeting the educational and training goals of the members of the Colorado Wing of Civil Air Patrol. The Foundation is a charitable entity separate from CAP and the Colorado Wing of CAP. Through the Foundation, Colorado’s cadets (youth members) and adult officers can participate in many important Colorado and national Civil Air Patrol activities. 

Application Process:

  • The application can be found on the Colorado Civil Air Patrol Foundation website. You will need to scroll down to the Individual Grant Application.

  • Complete paper application

    • Must obtain the Squadron Commanders signature.

    • List, in order of preference, up to 3 CAP events or activities. 

      • Encampments, NCSA's, Cadet Officer School, Private Pilot Training, etc.

    • Application must be RECEIVED not post marked by the application deadline or it will not be accepted.

    • Emailed applications will NOT be accepted.

  • Include documentation explaining merit and need, amount of funding and reason you should be selected.


  • Dollar amounts vary from year to year and activity.


  • They try to fund as many cadet requests as possible that could use help to participate in CAP activities. 


Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP)

Thanks to Air Force support, CAP has special funding available to cover encampment fees and uniforms through the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program or CEAP (say, "seep"). An inability to afford encampment should not hold back cadets who want to participate in encampment.


Application Process: 

  • Login to eServices

  • Navigate to Menu/Personnel/Registration and Payment System

    • Click on CEAP application

What does it cover?:

  • Pays for 100% of Encampment lodging and food.
  • Voucher for ABU's and/or Blues uniforms / Amounts vary based on priority level
  • Both lodging/food and uniforms


No special paperwork is needed; you are self-identifying your eligibility on an honor system.

  • 1st priority is given to families enrolled in federal programs.
  • 2nd priority is given to families with multiple cadets or limited finances.
  • 3rd priority is give to families where Encampment is an extra expense not easily budgeted for or have experienced financial challenges.

Additional Questions?:

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