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COWG EMAIL / Announcement: URMR Course Flyers and Registration Links

February 12, 2024

Subject: Announcement: URMR Course Flyers and Registration Links


University of the RMR will be held June 13th-20th, 2024 at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, CO. The University of Rocky Mountain Region (URMR) is a 6-course educational program this year and includes offerings for CAP Senior and Cadet Civil Air Patrol Members. The courses include; Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS), Engineering Technologies (E-Tech) Robotics Academy (NCSA), Cyberspace Advanced Administration Course (NCSA), Cyberspace Networking Course(NCSA), Aerospace Education Course (AE) for Senior members, and Volunteer University Level V.


Please see flyers attached to this email for the RCLS, Aerospace Officer and Level V courses.  Note that certain requirements, costs and details are listed in the flyers/links as well as the RMR website and the Registration Zone at CAPNHQ eServices. A login is required for registration. The NCSA courses are listed on the NHQ website and all are also on the RMR website. 


URMR courses offer a cost-effective alternative to staying in more expensive locations (hotels, restaurants, etc.), the unique setting of USAFA and are staffed with top notch qualified instructors and professional speakers in leadership and CAP/military professionalism.

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