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COWG Email / UAS Mission Pilot (UASMP) Training on January 27, 2024 at Peterson Space Force Base

January 1, 2024

Benjamin Garrison Capt

​CO Wing Commanders​

Mon 1/1/2024 7:09 PM

Good Evening Commanders,

Colorado Wing is scheduling a UAS Mission Pilot course on January 27th. 


Sign up at the following link: https://forms.office.com/r/kG2ugNeMiQ


What:  UAS Mission Pilot Training

Who:  Personnel interested in becoming a UAS Mission Pilot

When:  January 27, 2024 starting at 0800 and ending around 1700

Why:  To qualify CAP sUAS pilots as Mission Pilots

Where:  Peterson Space Force Base, Hanger 133 in the morning, then we will be moving to a different site to fly 


Unmanned Aircraft System Mission Pilot (UASMP) is an Emergency Service qualification. You need to have some experience with a UAS to attend the training. This course will focus on training UAS pilots to fly search, aerial photography, and orthomosic imaging missions to support Civil Air Patrol missions. UASMP qualification is required to become a UAS instructor. 


Participants or units need to schedule transportation to the site. The sUAS will have vehicles to take participants to the flying site and back to Peterson.  



      1.  Must be complete with General Emergency Services

      2.  FAA Remote Pilot Certificate - waived to attend the course, but you must have it before finishing the mission pilot SQTR (must have          a TRUST certificate if you do not have a FAA Remote Pilot certificate)

      3.  Current and valid Form 5 - waived to attend the course, the UAS team will get you current if needed

      4.  Four hours of logged Remote Pilot in Command time

      5.  If under 16 years old, must be complete with the FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge test


Cadets: please bring a CAPF 60-80 and a CAPF 161 with you to the training.


More of these events will be held around the state, we are always looking for squadrons willing to host sUAS training. Please contact me if your unit would like to host sUAS training. 


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 




Capt. Ben Garrison

Director of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Colorado Wing

Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

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