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HCS Announcements - Feb 23, 2020

February 23, 2020

Squadron Dues

·        It is time once again to collect our annual squadron dues. The amount remains unchanged at $30.

·        If you are a new cadet and have not paid your one-time $20 insignia fee, that can be paid at the same time.

·        As a reminder, squadron dues are collected for each calendar year (January through December) for all squadron members. These are different from the National/Region dues which are collected individually by NHQ on the anniversary of your join date.

·        Please see 1st Lt Mark Borchelt at a weekly meeting to submit your payment.

  • The preferred payment method is check payable to “Civil Air Patrol” which will serve as your receipt. Cash is acceptable as well.
  • Payment can also be processed by PayPal this year. There is no fee if paying from a linked bank account, the fee for credit card payment should be $1.17
    • Send your $30 payment to highlander.co.cap@gmail.com
    • Select “Sending to a friend” for the payment method (we are using a member’s personal PayPal account as the squadron does not have a separate bank account)
    • Be sure to put the member’s name in the NOTE section before submitting the payment so we know who the payment is for

Cadet Testing

·        Cadets, many of you haven’t been testing for whatever reason.

·        Cadet Folder/Check List

  • I have seen several cadets lately that could have been promoted a month or so ago, but never had their cadet Check-List signed off. I DO NOT check cadet folders unless they are in the front of the Cadet file box. 
  • The Flight Commander and Cadet Commander should NOT be signing off your check-list UNTIL ALL ITEMS are completed and you are ready to promote. 
  • You should be checking your Cadet Folder weekly if not every couple weeks to make sure you are on track for promotion. 

·        PT Testing

  • During Phase 1 of the cadet program (Cadet Basic through Cadet Senior Airman) you are required to attempt PT, but not required to pass.
  • From Wright Brothers (Cadet SSgt and up) you MUST pass PT every 180 days. 
  • I am struggling to pass PT, what can I do?
    • As we only do PT once a month, which is actually more often than is required by Civil Air Patrol. You many need to do some PT outside regular meetings. The only way to improve is to keep practicing and working towards your PT goal.  
    • Do Sit-ups, push-ups, sit and reach, or even running in place while watching TV.
    • Doing PT once a month will NOT get you to the SPATZ and Military entry requirements minimums. 

Encampment (Cadet Basic / 1st time cadets)

·        COWG Encampment Dates have been announced:

  • Cadet Basic (1st time attendees): June 6 - 13th.
    • Application process is NOT yet open
  • Cadet Staff (must have applied and been selected for staff): June 4th - 13th.

·        What is Encampment?

  • Encampment is a basic introduction to the military way of life and is an opportunity to experience leadership from both a follower’s and leader's point of view. Encampment is a unique training opportunity because of the week long "total immersion" concept that introduces cadets to a military environment at an active military installation. Although encampment is not a military boot camp, it is intense training! It is an excellent way for cadets to meet new cadets from throughout the Wing and aids in establishing an “esprit de corps” among the “next generation” of cadet leaders. 

·        Who should attend Encampment?

  • Most cadets who are current members of CAP and who have not previously attended an encampment should attend encampment at their first available opportunity. This is essential training and is especially important for most new cadets. Although Colorado Wing has had great success with the youngest cadets at encampment, it is possible that some of the youngest and newest CAP cadets will be best served if they attend encampment during their second cycle of eligibility. Parents of very new cadets or cadets under age 14 should discuss the encampment environment with squadron commanders and make the attendance decision based on the maturity level of the individual cadet as compared to other cadets of similar age and experience. The attendance decision should also factor in that encampment attendance is a big success factor in membership renewal after the first year of membership.

·        Additional information regarding COWG encampment: https://cowg.cap.gov/mission/cadet-programs/cadet-encampment

·        Additional information regarding encampment from the HCS Encampment page: https://highlander.cap.gov/activities/encampment

CESSnA (Cadet Encampment Staff Selection Activity)

·        CESSnA is an in-person skills assessment.  Cadets who have completed a student encampment are eligible to apply for a cadet staff position at the next Colorado Wing Encampment. CESSnA evaluates cadet knowledge, skill, and experience to select the best performers from all applicants to serve as cadet staff.

·        Date for CESSnA: Saturday, March 21, 2020

·        Location for CESSnA: Colorado Military Academy, Colorado Springs

·        CESSnA General Information and Registration link: https://cowg.cap.gov/mission/cadet-programs/cadet-encampment/cadet-encampment-staff-selection-activity-cessna/cadet-staff-general-information


*     Holocaust Survivor  *NEW*

·        Who: Cadets and their families

  • Note: Not sure of the level of family interest, but keep in mind space is limited and may be standing only. 

·        What: Estelle Nadel shares her extraordinary story of tragedy, hope and survival. She lived through Nazi atrocities by hiding in attics in Poland, and even escaped from a Nazi jail by slipping through the bars.

·        When: Monday, March 2nd starting 6:40p to approx 7:40p. 

·        UOD: Dress Blues

·        NOTE: We will be having PT Monday, March 9th.

*     Basic 1st Aid/CPR training qualification  *Reminder*

·        Who: Cadets and Senior members

·        What: BASIC 1st Aid/CPR training course

  • This will qualify you for the Advance training course being planned in Sept at Grandby Airport as a camping trip.

·        When: Sat., March 7th, 2020

·        Where: VFW Post 9644

  • 2680 West Hampden Ave., Englewood, CO 80110

·        Cost: $15.00 for CAP members

·        Other: Being put on by Foothills Squadron

·        Register: https://frontrangecpr.enrollware.com/enroll?id=3584180

*     Squadron Dues *Reminder*

·        Annual Squadron dues for the 2020  year are now due. 

·        Amount: $30.00

  • Checks can be paid to Civil Air Patrol

*     Dining in (Banquet)  *Reminder*

·        When: Monday, Feb 24th during our regular meeting

·        Time: 6:00p - 9:00p

·        Who: All Cadets, Senior members, and families

·        Cost: $10.00

·        What: The purpose of the dining-in is to bring together a unit in an atmosphere of camaraderie, good fellowship, and social rapport. This is a family event. The basic idea is to enjoy yourself and the company. The dining-in is also an excellent means of saying farewell to the departing members and welcoming newly arrived members to a unit. It is an excellent forum to recognize individual and unit achievements. The dining-in, therefore, is very effective in building high morale and esprit de corps.

·        Uniform: Dress Blues

·        Sign Up Genius (pot luck dinner): https://www.signupgenius.com/go/409044CADAA2BABFA7-2020 

·        Where: HRLETF (Squadron)

*     Colorado Wing Cadet Competition  *Reminder*

·        Who: Cadets

·        What: Cadets will demonstrate their excellence in a wide range of activities in the arenas of leadership, aerospace, fitness and character. During the 3-day competition, cadets compete in physical challenges, test their knowledge of aviation and leadership, demonstrate the highest levels of precision and teamwork in drill/color guard and posting the colors, and above all, cheer each other on in the spirit of teamwork.

·        When: Saturday, March 14th

·        Where: Colorado Military Academy, Colorado Springs

·        Other: HCS currently has 1 team, however we can have more than one team. If cadets are interested they can begin watching and preparing to participate in next year's competition and we can have alternate’s.

*     Squadron T-shirts *Ready for Pickup / Bring payment*

·        What: Squadron T-shirts are in, please bring $20.00 per shirt you ordered. 

·        Payment: Cash or Check paid to Civil Air Patrol

*     Other Summer Activities *Reminder*

·        Other Summer Activities URL: https://highlander.cap.gov/activities/summer-activities 

·        What: These are just activites, NON-CAP, that I have found that people may find helpful. These are not endorsed or promoted by CAP.

*     New Website  *Reminder*

·        URL: https://highlander.cap.gov/

·        What: Save this new link to your favorites. This website is still a work in process and plan to begin updating this site more now that we have moved to the new site.

*     Upcoming Events  *Not yet officially announced but to keep in mind*

·        Squadron work day - March/April

·        ES Warrior Weekend Camping Weekend - May 1

·        Memorial Day Weekend activities - May 24/25

·        USAFA Graduation - May 28

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