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HCS Announcements - Nov 3, 2019

November 3, 2019



Wings Over the Rockies Flight Scholarship

  • I want to congratulate C/SSgt Sayles on receiving one of the 1st, if not the 1st scholarship from the Wings Over the Rockies new James C. Ray Flight Training Scholarship. C/SSgt Sayles has earned $5000.00 towards earning her Private Pilots Solo qualification. She can then apply for an addition scholarship to earn her private pilot license. In addition she will also be eligible to wear the Solo Wings Insignia on her uniforms once she does her solo flight.

  • Middle School and High School students are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Middle school age students can only apply for the Glider flight due to age restrictions. 

  • As this scholarship becomes more well known, it will likely become harder to receive. If you are interested I would recommend applying as soon as possible. If you have questions, please let a senior member know or I am sure Cadet Sayles would be happy to answer questions regarding her experience.

  • Website: https://wingsmuseum.org/education-4/programs/


Cadet Private Pilot Ground School

  • The final details are still being worked out. This has not yet been announced and is to gage serious interest from our squadron. There will be a Wing Announcement coming soon.  Also if you are interested please let us know ASAP!

  • This course of instruction is being offered exclusively to CAP members at no charge, but some nominal fees for materials.

  • When: Begins Sunday, Jan 12th @ 12n and will run for 10 consecutive Saturdays. (I am Verifying the Sunday start date)

  • Time: Saturdays from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm (All dates are REQUIRED)

  • Where: Centennial Airport, Blue Sky Gallery on the field.

  • Additional Info: 

    • Class size will be limited to 8 - 10 persons. 

    • There will be no charges for the online program and/or the classroom sessions. 

    • There will be nominal fees for the required reading and support materials of approximately $80.00. The materials will be available online at no charge if need be although hard copy materials are recommended.

  • About the class: An integrated on line/and classroom course of instruction that will enable and qualify the attendee to take and pass the FAA (PAR) Private Pilot Written Test. This curriculum is also ideal for the person/certificated pilot who wants a comprehensive update for all the requirements that are required to demonstrate current Private Pilot knowledge requirements. This is also an extraordinary opportunity for a prospective flight student to audit the requirements to become certified as a Private Pilot.

The course curriculum will include a comprehensive online training program as well as 10 consecutive Saturday (4 hours each) classroom sessions. During each of the classroom sessions there will be in depth interactive explanations of knowledge and concepts plus progress assessment testing that will establish the student’s progress. If the participant maintains a minimum of 80% test proficiency at the completion of the course a certificate of completion will be issued to the candidate. With the certificate, the participant can take the FAA Private Pilot Written Test. This test is administered by an independent agent and requires separate payment.

  • More details to come.

  • Please Let Maj K. Borchelt know if you would like to attend. 



  • Flag Retirement Ceremony 

    • Who: Cadets/Senior members 

    • What: Learn about and participate in a Flag Retirement Ceremony.

    • When: Saturday, Nov 9th, 2019 @ 11:00 am

    • Where: VFW Post 322, 3800 S. Windermere St. Englewood, CO 80110

    • RSVP: 1st Lt Tami Clements - Cedesalexis@hotmail.com 


  • Severe Weather Shelter Network *NEW*

    • Who: Anyone

    • What:  This is a Non-CAP Volunteer activity, however you can earn volunteer hours towards your CAP Volunteer Service ribbon and simultaneously towards any hours you may need for school or other programs.

      • Severe Weather Shelter Network partners with organizations and agencies in the community to provide emergency overnight shelter on life threatening winter nights for individuals living on the streets.

      • They work with local churches to provide sites to host our guests overnight. At these Host Churches, guests can enjoy a hot, homemade meal as well as friendly conversation around the table. Aside from supplying a safe, warm environment overnight, they also connect their guests with other resources as their needs become known.

      • They are a Christian ministry, welcoming all volunteers who share our passion for aiding individuals experiencing homelessness. They do not expect volunteers to share their faith, but rather welcome them into a journey of serving together.

    • Additional Info: https://swshelternetwork.com/volunteers/ 

    • Other: Maj Fort’s wife, Brianna Fort is the volunteer coordinator at Acentention Lutheran Church (South Volunteer Opportunities). However you are welcome to volunteer at any location.


  • CAP Scholarships and Financial Assistance (CadetInvest) ** Applications now open **


  • Winter and Summer NCSA’s ** Winter Applications now open**

    • Who: Cadets who have attended an encampment & Senior members

    • What: There are a few winter NCSA’s, such as the Civic Leadership Academy in DC.

      • Summer NCSA’s are also beginning to be posted, but applications will not open till Dec. 1st.

    • NCSA Website: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/activities/national-cadet-special-activities 

      • Website seems to be currently down, checking on this. Keep trying though.

    • Deadline for Winter NCSA applications: Nov 15th, 2019

    • Deadline for Summer NCSA applications: NOT YET OPEN, Opens Dec. 1st.


  • Flight Training Scholarships *Ongoing*

    • Who: Middle School and High School

    • What: Wings Over the Rockies will be offering flight training scholarships starting in September. Scholarships will cover working towards glider or power private licences.

    • Website: https://wingsmuseum.org/education-4/programs/

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