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HCS Announcements - Dec 8, 2019

December 8, 2019



Pick up / Drop off

  • Facility reminders when dropping off and picking up your cadets. These items are at the request of the facility. The facility manager does live on the property and does contact us regarding any issues he sees.

    • No parking in the handicap parking spots even if waiting to pick up/drop off your cadet.

    • No parking anywhere other than the parking lot.

      • Do not wait along the side of the road, in the gravel, in front of the service door, the service roads up to the buildings, or by the sidewalk.

    • The 2 parking spots by the front door are for Senior members and special guests.

    • If due to a temporary handicap, you need to be dropped off at the front door please let us know.

  • Also please make sure a senior member is there before dropping your cadet off. Technically there should always be two senior members before leaving. 

    • When cadets are arriving early for testing, ColorGuard, CyberPatriots, etc. I do my best to be there by 5:30p, but sometimes do run late. I try to communicate that I’m running late, but it’s not always possible as I find the Remind App doesn’t work as well in the vehicle.

  • If you need to come early for any reason please contact a senior member in advance to let us know, even if the schedule shows there are other activities going on at 5:30p. This is to ensure they didn’t cancel last minute and no one will be there. 

  • Cadets are NOT to be at the facility by themselves. If a senior member is not there, please wait with your child until a senior member arrives. If the cadet is driving themselves, please wait in your car until a senior member arrives.



  • Cadets should be RSVPing to weekly meetings through their chain of command. This allows up to plan for meetings and activities.

  • If you haven’t already ALL MEMBERS need to complete this 2 min 5 question survey https://forms.gle/CQHFZsLD2arSUPCg9

  • If you are scheduled to come in early for testing or another activity and cannot make it or will be late, please let us know so we don’t arrive early. 

  • Basically make sure you are communicating up your chain of command.



  • As we come up on the holidays, remember this is a good time to work on memorizing your oath and taking your online tests.

    • For help with how to login to eServices and taking your Leadership and Aerospace tests you can go to the HCS CAP Testing Page.

    • To sign up for Drill Tests, oath, proctored tests, etc. you can sign up at https://goo.gl/forms/BUdvLxSkOjHBM3ny2.

    • If you have questions or need assistance please follow your chain of command, that’s what they are there for. 




  • White Elephant Gift Exchange  *Reminder*

    • Who: All Cadets and Senior members

    • What: Cadets and senior members are to bring 1 fun/silly gift, $10.00 or less,  wrapped, with no to/from names on it. The gift will then be selected or stolen by another member. Full details to be explained during the gift exchange. GOOGLE “White Elephant gift” if you aren’t sure what this is. 

    • When: Monday, Dec 16th, during regular meeting.


  • Gold Star Families Event *NEW*

    • Who: All Cadets and Senior members

    • What: CAP has been invited to serve during an exceptional event at the Governor’s Mansion, honoring the Gold Star Families.

    • Uniform: Service Dress (Blues jacket and tie), we may be able to borrow from another cadet if you would like to attend.

    • Where: Governor’s Mansion, 400 East Eighth Ave, Denver, CO 80203

    • When: Sunday, Dec 15th

    • Time: 3:30p - 8:00p (possibly a little earlier)

    • RSVP: Lt Col Thom Scheffel via text 303-717-8362 (don’t forget Name, Rank, squadron) & 1st Lt T. Clements via email


  • Dining in (Banquet)  *NEW*

    • Who: All Cadets, Senior members, and families

    • What: The purpose of the dining-in is to bring together of a unit in an atmosphere of camaraderie, good fellowship, and social rapport. This is a family event. The basic idea is to enjoy yourself and the company. The dining-in is also an excellent means of saying farewell to the departing members and welcoming newly arrived members to a unit. It is an excellent forum to recognize individual and unit achievements. The dining-in, therefore, is very effective in building high morale and esprit de corps.

    • Uniform: Dress Blues

    • Where: HRLETF (Squadron)

    • Cost: TBA

    • When: Monday, Feb 24th during our regular meeting


  • Wreaths Across America *Reminder*

    • Who: All Cadets and Senior Members

    • What: CAP help with directing parking and setup, which is the reason for the early arrival request. After ceremonies have concluded, members will be assigned to place wreaths on headstones throughout the cemetery.

    • When: Saturday, Dec 14th, 2019

    • Time: 8:30 am arrival for all volunteers

    • Where: Ft. Logan National Cemetery

    • UOD: ABU

    • Optional: Sponsor a wreath @ https://www.wreathsacrossamerica.org/ starting at $15.00 a wreath.

      • Click on Sponsor a Specific Cemetery (Small white text under the Sponsor Wreaths Red button)

      • Select number of wreaths to sponsor.

      • Select Location to Support: Fort Logan National Cemetery (15565)

      • Follow remaining steps

    • RSVP: 1st Lt T. Clements


  • Squadron T-Shirts ** Ready for Pickup / Bring payment **

    • What: Squadron T-shirts are in, please bring $20.00 per shirt you ordered.

    • Payment: Cash or Check paid to Civil Air Patrol


  • Severe Weather Shelter Network

    • Who: Anyone

    • What:  This is a Non-CAP Volunteer activity, however you can earn volunteer hours towards your CAP Volunteer Service ribbon and simultaneously towards any hours you may need for school or other programs.

      • Severe Weather Shelter Network partners with organizations and agencies in the community to provide emergency overnight shelter on life threatening winter nights for individuals living on the streets.

      • They work with local churches to provide sites to host our guests overnight. At these Host Churches, guests can enjoy a hot, homemade meal as well as friendly conversation around the table. Aside from supplying a safe, warm environment overnight, they also connect their guests with other resources as their needs become known.

      • They are a Christian ministry, welcoming all volunteers who share our passion for aiding individuals experiencing homelessness. They do not expect volunteers to share their faith, but rather welcome them into a journey of serving together.

    • Additional Info: https://swshelternetwork.com/volunteers/ 

    • Other: Maj Fort’s wife, Brianna Fort is the volunteer coordinator at Acentention Lutheran Church (South Volunteer Opportunities). However you are welcome to volunteer at any location.


  • CAP Scholarships and Financial Assistance (CadetInvest) ** Applications now open **

    • Who: Cadets/Senior members 

    • What: CAP Flight Scholarships, academic scholarships, and other scholarships

    • When: Application open, Closes Dec 15th, 2019

    • Addtl Info: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/cadetinvest 

    • OTHER: This Monday just before promotions, we will be discussing theses scholarships with cadets. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


  • Winter and Summer NCSA’s ** Winter Applications now open**

    • Who: Cadets who have attended an encampment & Senior members

    • What: There are a few winter NCSA’s, such as the Civic Leadership Academy in DC.

      • Summer NCSA’s are also beginning to be posted, but applications will not open till Dec. 1st.

    • NCSA Website: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/activities/national-cadet-special-activities 

      • Website seems to be currently down, checking on this. Keep trying though.

    • Deadline for Winter NCSA applications: Dec 15th, 2019

    • Deadline for Summer NCSA applications: NOT YET OPEN, Opens Dec. 1st.


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