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HCS Announcements - Feb 9, 2020

February 9, 2020


  • When weather is a possible issue, senior members will be monitoring the weather and make a call to have the squadron meeting or cancel by 4:30p on Monday evening. 

    • It is ALWAYS up to the cadet and their parents on whether the cadet attends the meeting that night. As we have people coming from many areas of the south metro area, weather may vary. 

    • Safety is our number one concern and if you do not feel it’s safe or do not feel comfortable driving in the weather, please use your best judgement in deciding whether to come or not. 

    • Please be sure to RSVP to your flight sergeant as well.

Squadron Dues

  • It is time once again to collect our annual squadron dues. The amount remains unchanged at $30.

  • If you are a new cadet and have not paid your one-time $20 insignia fee, that can be paid at the same time.

  • As a reminder, squadron dues are collected for each calendar year (January through December) for all squadron members. These are different from the National/Region dues which are collected individually by NHQ on the anniversary of your join date.

  • Please see 1st Lt Mark Borchelt at a weekly meeting to submit your payment.

    • The preferred payment method is check payable to “Civil Air Patrol” which will serve as your receipt. Cash is acceptable as well.

    • Payment can also be processed by PayPal this year. There is no fee if paying from a linked bank account, the fee for credit card payment should be $1.17.

      1. Send your $30 payment to highlander.co.cap@gmail.com

      2. Select “Sending to a friend” for the payment method (we are using a member’s personal PayPal account as the squadron does not have a separate bank account)

      3. Be sure to put the member’s name in the NOTE section before submitting the payment so we know who the payment is for.

Dress Blues

  • Do you need pieces of your Blues uniform or would prefer to try on items for sizing?

    • USAFA (United States Air Force Academy) 

      • Recently, USAFA has allowed visitors to enter the South Gate entrance to enter the academy. Due to this change cadets and their parents now have access to USAFA Base Military Clothing sales. 

      • Military Clothing Sales Hours:

        • Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

        • Sat: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

      • BRING: 

        • CAPID (This is required NO EXCEPTIONS) you will need to show this to purchase clothing items.

        • Driver and anyone over 18 must show their driver's license to get on base.

    • Where is clothing sales on base?

      • Address: 5136 Community Center Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80840

        • Next to the Prep School

      • Map: Directions

        • Map shows Chong’s Sewing, but this is where the Military Clothing Supplies is. I assume Chong’s Sewing is the tailor for clothing supplies. 

    • They DO NOT have ABUs, as USAFA has already changed to the new OCP uniforms. CAP is NOT using this uniform at this time.

    • New Cadets - Curry Voucher

      • New cadets do receive a $100 voucher after their first promotion to be used via Vanguardmil.com. This voucher cannot be used at the Air Force Academy. 

      • This voucher is valid for only 45 days. 


Holocaust Survivor

  • I do not have a confirmed date yet, however in early March, a Holocaust survivor will be coming to speak at our squadron to talk about her experiences during the Holocaust.

    • Who: Estelle Nadel

    • What: Mrs. Nadel will share her extraordinary story of tragedy, hope and survival. She lived through Nazi atrocities by hiding in attics in Poland, and even escaped from a Nazi jail by slipping through the bars.

    • When: Date is to be announced

    • Other: Do some research on the Holocaust and have questions ready to ask Mrs. Nadel.


Announcements in this Email:

Reminder: cadets are expected to participate in 1 outside activity each quarter to promote!


*    CAP Day at the Capitol  *New*

  • What: This is a big deal for the members of the State Legislature and a big deal for COWG.  The day gives CAP an opportunity to shine and show off our capabilities. The day gives our Legislators an opportunity to learn about Civil Air Patrol and most importantly about COWG.

  • Who:Cadet and Senior members are invited to attend and to be an Ambassador for Civil Air Patrol.

  • When: Wednesday, Feb 19th

  • Time: Arrive 7:00 am at the capitol (Ends around 12n - 1p, per previous years)

  • UOD: Service Dress, with tie and jacket preferred (per previous years)

  • Other: More details to come

*     Squadron Dues *NEW*

  • Annual Squadron dues for the 2020  year are now due. 

  • Amount: $30.00

    • Checks can be paid to Civil Air Patrol


*     Dining in (Banquet)  *UPDATED*

  • When: Monday, Feb 24th during our regular meeting

  • Time: 6:00p - 9:00p

  • Who: All Cadets, Senior members, and families

  • Cost: $10.00 per family

  • What: The purpose of the dining-in is to bring together of a unit in an atmosphere of camaraderie, good fellowship, and social rapport. This is a family event. The basic idea is to enjoy yourself and the company. The dining-in is also an excellent means of saying farewell to the departing members and welcoming newly arrived members to a unit. It is an excellent forum to recognize individual and unit achievements. The dining-in, therefore, is very effective in building high morale and esprit de corps.

  • Uniform: Dress Blues

  • Sign Up Genius (pot luck dinner): https://www.signupgenius.com/go/409044CADAA2BABFA7-2020 

  • Where: HRLETF (Squadron)


*     Colorado CAP Foundation Grants  *Application must be RECEIVED by Feb 14th*

  • For members that may need financial assistance with NCSAs or encampment fees, the Colorado CAP Foundation may be of great help.  Even though summer is still five months in the future, the Colorado CAP Foundation Grant application process will only be available for a short time. 

  • The applications for the 2020 Spring/Summer grants and scholarships are now available on the Colorado CAP Foundation website. They must be completed and MAILED to the Foundation.  Emailed or Faxed applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

  • The deadline to apply is Friday February 14, 2020.  This just under a month away. 

  • This is NOT postmarked by the deadline, this is the deadline that applications must be received in our office.  All applications must be RECEIVED BEFORE THE DEADLINE.  Postmarked before the deadline is NOT ADEQUATE.

  • All applications must be filled out completely AND must be APPROVED and SIGNED by the applicant’s Squadron Commander.

  • Link to Application: Colorado CAP Foundation

  • Additional information about applying for Scholarships and Grants can be found on our HCS webpage.


*     Colorado Wing Cadet Competition  *NEW*

  • Who: Cadets

  • What: Cadets will demonstrate their excellence in a wide range of activities in the arenas of leadership, aerospace, fitness and character. During the 3-day competition, cadets compete in physical challenges, test their knowledge of aviation and leadership, demonstrate the highest levels of precision and teamwork in drill/color guard and posting the colors, and above all, cheer each other on in the spirit of teamwork.

  • When: Saturday, March 14th

  • Where: Colorado Military Academy, Colorado Springs

  • Other: HCS currently has 1 team, however we can have more than one team. In addition if cadets are interested they can begin watching and preparing to participate in next year's competition.


*     Squadron T-shirts *Ready for Pickup / Bring payment*

  • What: Squadron T-shirts are in, please bring $20.00 per shirt you ordered. 

  • Payment: Cash or Check paid to Civil Air Patrol


*     Other Summer Activities *Reminder*


*     New Website  *Reminder*

  • URL: https://highlander.cap.gov/

  • What: Save this new link to your favorites. This website is still a work in process and plan to begin updating this site more now that we have moved to the new site.

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