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HCS Announcments - Jan 4, 2020

January 4, 2020



First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR’s everyone! I hope this is to new beginnings, fresh starts, and another great year! I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to seeing you all on Monday. 


New Website

  • With a new year comes a new website. Colorado was moved off our all websites and moved to the new website that is standardized and looks like Nationals website. Our website is still a work in progress, however I plan to continue to work on and add more content to the new website, now that we have migrated over. Some items may move around as I work on it and find the best flow so please be patient while we continue to work on our website.

    • New URL: https://highlander.cap.gov/ 

    • Feedback: Please feel free to email me if you feel information would be helpful on our webpage or at least links to other pages. 

    • Broken Links - I am trying to go through all pages and verify links are working. So give me a little time. However if you are trying to locate information and need help, let me know. Feel free to also send me an email about broken links as I’ve found some National links changed as well that our page links were directed too.

    • I don’t love the way some of the pages flow or work on a computer vs a mobile device and vice versa. So please be patient while I continue to play with things to make them work well on most platforms.

      • Do not wait along the side of the road, in the gravel, in front of the service door, the service roads up to the buildings, or by the sidewalk.

    • Almost all content was on the old website, but may be easier to find now.

      • Squadron Calendar 

      • Squadron Announcements and Remind

        • No longer on the home page. I unfortunately cannot put it here. You will now need to go to the NEWS/HCS Announcements page.

      • Activities - NCSA’s, Encampment, CyberPatriots, other summer activities

        • NOTE: the other summer activities page has been updated and many activities for next summer have already begun registration or application processes. 


Cadet Testing




  • What are NCSA’s?

    • NCSA (National Cadet Special Activities) are Cadet Programs conducted by Civil Air Patrol and includes national activities as well as wing and regional activities that are approved to receive the CSA ribbon. NCSAs are designed to give cadets direct hands on experience with various aspects of the Civil Air Patrol program and to explore civilian and military aerospace careers, provide flight training, leadership development, engineering and technology, and enhance emergency services skills. Each activity is approximately a week long, and all but two are currently offered during the Summer. These activities are located throughout the United States. 

    • Must have attended an encampment to attend.

  • Additional info regarding NCSA’s can be found on our COWG HCS National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) webpage.

  • CAP National, National Cadet Special Activities webpage.


Other Summer Activities

  • All over time, I have created a link of summer activities. Most of these are activities that I’ve researched or found for my kids over the years even if they never attended them. However, I've decided to put this information out there for others. 

    • Application deadlines: Some activities have already opened up and have application deadlines approaching others haven’t opened up yet.

      • Military Academy summer seminars

      • US Naval Academy Summer STEM Camps

      • Flight academies

      • Police, Fire, & EMT academies

      • Science camps

      • FBI camp

    • Summer Camp page: https://highlander.cap.gov/activities/summer-activities 

    • NOTE: These camps are not CAP related, CAP sponsored, or endorsed.



  • New Website

    • URL: https://highlander.cap.gov/ 

    • What: Save this new link to your favorites. This website is still a work in process and plan to begin updating this site more now that we have moved to the new site.


  • Summer NCSA’s ** Application Closes Jan 15th **

    • Who: Cadets who have attended an encampment & Senior members

    • What: This site lists Civil Air Patrol's upcoming Cadet Special Activities (CSAs). It includes national activities and those wing and region activities approved to receive the CSA ribbon. These activities are designed to explore civilian and military aerospace careers, provide flight training, develop leadership, and enhance emergency services skills.

    • NCSA Website: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/activities/national-cadet-special-activities 

      • Website seems to be currently down, checking on this. Keep trying though.

    • Deadline for Summer NCSA applications: Application period closes Jan 15, 2020


  • Dining in (Banquet)  *Reminder*

    • Who: All Cadets, Senior members, and families

    • What: The purpose of the dining-in is to bring together of a unit in an atmosphere of camaraderie, good fellowship, and social rapport. This is a family event. The basic idea is to enjoy yourself and the company. The dining-in is also an excellent means of saying farewell to the departing members and welcoming newly arrived members to a unit. It is an excellent forum to recognize individual and unit achievements. The dining-in, therefore, is very effective in building high morale and esprit de corps.

    • Uniform: Dress Blues

    • Where: HRLETF (Squadron)

    • Cost: TBA

    • When: Monday, Feb 24th during our regular meeting


  • Squadron T-Shirts ** Ready for Pickup / Bring payment **

    • What: Squadron T-shirts are in, please bring $20.00 per shirt you ordered.

    • Payment: Cash or Check paid to Civil Air Patrol

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