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HCS Email / Upcoming Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREx)

November 24, 2023

From: Jason Trabert 2d Lt 
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2023 9:40 AM
Subject: Upcoming Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREx)


Hello Highlander Squadron! There is a SAREx scheduled for Saturday 12/09/23 and Sunday 12/10/23. This is a great opportunity to work on completing remaining tasks toward your qualifications or practice any qualification you already have under realistic scenarios.  You do not have to sign-up for both days but please plan on committing to the entire day for whichever day(s) you select.


Who: Cadets & Senior Members who are qualified or in training status

What: SAREx (Search and Rescue Exercise)

  • ICP (Incident Command Post):
    • MSA (Mission Staff Assistant)
    • MRO (Mission Radio Operator)
  • Ground Team:
    • GTM3 (Ground Team 3)
    • GTL (Ground Team Leader)
  • Aircrew:
    • MP (Mission Pilot)
    • MS (Mission Scanner)
    • MO (Mission Observer)
    • AP (Airborne Photographer)

When: Saturday, Dec 9th and Sunday Dec 10th , Time TBD but again, please plan for the whole day


  • ICP (Incident Command Post): Centennial Airport
  • Ground Team (unknown - We will rally someplace locally)
  • Aircrew - Likely KAPA (Centennial)

UOD: ABU's (Polo's are allowed for Seniors)

RSVP: 2d Lt Jason Trabert and Lt Col Eyal Sittenfeld by 11/30/23



Q: How do I know if I am in training status yet or what tasks I need to complete?

A: Follow the below steps

  • Login to eServices
  • Click on the Menu Icon
  • Go down to Operations
  • Click on Operational Qualifications
  • Click on the down arrow towards the top of the page next to Ops Quals.
    • Display 101 Card - 
      • Click on 101 Card to see what qualifications you have.
      • Enter your CAPID or Name and click Enter.
    • Display individual SQTR and required tasks that need to be completed
      • Click on SQTR Entry/Worksheet
      • Enter your CAPID or Name and click Enter.
      • From the Achievement drop-down box you can select:
        • GTM3 - Ground Team 3
        • UDF - Urban Direction Finding
        • MSA - Mission Staff Assistant
        • MRO - Mission Radio Operator
      • You can then view the tasks that you have signed off on each SQTR.

Q: Do I need any equipment to be in training status?
A: Yes, UDF and GTM3 both have equipment requirements to get into training status.

  • Pack information can be found on the HCS website under Members/Forms, Regulations, and Documents then click on 24 Hour & UDF Pack Only. 
    • For a Pack, I would consider an ALL BLACK (No lines, logo's, etc) pack as you can use this for multiple things, encampment, etc. If you get serious into Ground Team, a Red Pack can be purchased later, but not required.
  • Drone is not required to get into training status, but a fun item that can be used to practice and gain hours. This can be a cheap inexpensive drone. Drone training is new to CAP.

If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.






2nd Lt Jason Trabert

Highlander Composite Squadron Emergency Services Officer

Highlander Composite Squadron Assistant Operations Officer

Highlander Composite Squadron Assistant Aerospace Education Officer

Highlander Composite Squadron Assistant Communications Officer


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