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HCS Pilot Resources

The following list of resources will hopefully ease your path to qualification as a CAP pilot.  We purposely DO NOT provide the regulations, pamphlets, etc.  These documents change regularly and it’s important that you always go to the source document and make sure you’re using the latest information.  Regulations, pamphlets, standards, forms, Region and Wing supplements can be found at the following link:  https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/members/publications/indexes-regulations-and-manuals-1700


There is a lot to learn but this is a journey and it should be fun!  Enjoy and I’m always to available to answer any questions along the way. 



R70-1 (Flight Management) - This regulation spells out all rules and regulations related to flying CAP aircraft.



P70-12 (Pilot Onboarding) - Explains WMIRS, Ops Quals, Onboarding Process and what you need to upload to get started.

P60-40 (Cadet Orientation Flight Program) - Complete guide to Orientation Flights.



S71-1 (Aircrew Training, Airplane) - Onboarding sortie maneuvers.  Training required for transition to other models, G1000 and Hi Performance.

S71-4 (AFAM Approved Proficiency Profiles) - Who can fly which profile and what must be accomplished. (A&B Missions).

S71-5 (Corporate Approved Proficiency Profiles) - Who can fly which profile and what must be accomplished. (C Missions).

S72-2 (Mission Symbols) - A, B, C Mission Symbols and descriptions.

S72-3 (Aircraft Checklists) - How to download current versions of aircraft checklists for self study.

S72-4 (Aircraft Information File) - Layout of the AIF and what’s in each Tab.

S72-5 (Aircrew Evaluation) - What is required on the Form 5 check ride and how to document in Ops Quals.

S72-6 (Aircrew Evaluation Criteria) - Grading standards.

S73-1 (Operations Procedures, Airplane) - Basic Med, transfer of aircraft controls, use of checklists.



F70-5A (Pilot Flight Evaluation, Airplane) - Form 5 check ride form (must be uploaded to Ops Quals)

F70-5Q-A (Pilot Flight Evaluation, Questionnaire, Airplane) - Fill out for the day of your check-ride and bring with you for the check pilot to score.  Must be uploaded to Ops Quals (aircraft type flown for that Form 5).  Do not delete other aircraft types qualified & uploaded!

F70-8 (AIF Content) - Lists items located in each Tab of the Aircraft Information File


COWG Form 9 (Mountain Flight Training) - Must be uploaded and mountain flight Form 5 endorsement to fly over terrain at or above 8,000’ MSL.

(* This COWG form is currently found on the COWG web page Cowg.cap.gov Go to the “Members” tab and click “Directorates”, then “Operations”.  It’s under related documents on the right side of the page.)


Approved Supplements

Rocky Mountain Region Supplement to 70-1 - Spells out mountain qualification requirements and RMR turbocharged Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Colorado Wing Supplement to 70-1 - Colorado Wing procedures and requirements.



Regulations, Pamphlets, Standards, Forms and Approved Supplements - https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/members/publications/indexes-regulations-and-manuals-1700

COWG (W&B Calculator, Aircraft W&B Addendums, Aircraft Rates, Wing FRO contacts, Fuel & Oil Receipt procedures, COWG Alert System, COWG Form 9, disabled aircraft procedures) -  https://cowg.cap.gov/members/directorates/operations

NHQ (Aircraft Operations) - https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/emergency-services/aircraft-operations


Aircraft Normal and Emergency Checklists

These are a challenge to find.  Go to eServices, Logistics, Operational Resource Management System (O.R.M.S), click the red ORMS menu dropdown at the top, under Aircraft click Search Checklists.  Then put in the Tail #.  Here are the current aircraft we have at APA:


N9846A (182R - round dial) - Standard fuel 60g

N652CP (T182T - G1000 Turbo) - Standard fuel 60g


The C172s below are based at Peterson Space Force Base (KCOS):


N243CP (172S - G1000 NXi w/ ESP) - Standard fuel 40g

N846CP (172S - G1000 NXi w/ ESP) - Standard fuel 40g


Highlander Composite Sharepoint Files

I’ve uploaded several files to the “Pilot” Folder that you may find useful….including the POH for each aircraft.  Pilot


To request an Office 365 License fill out the following form:  https://forms.office.com/r/F0Vs79Mvwr


To get into these files you must be logged into Office.com.  Username:  FirstName.LastName@cowg.cap.gov  Password:  If you don’t know it, click Forgot Password and create one.  You must use the Offie tools or email at least once every 30 days or you risk losing this benefit.


AOPA Mountain Flying Course (Free online)


Upload certificate to Ops Quals - https://www.aopa.org/training-and-safety/online-learning/online-courses/mountain-flying


Tests in AXIS:  

  1. 70-1 Annual exam (within 60 days of Form 5)
  2. Then you must also complete the "Powered exam" 
  3. Cadet Orientation (200 hours PIC)…good for 4 years
  4. ROTC Orientation (see ROTC MOU + 300 hours PIC)….good for 4 years
  5. 70-5 - Initial Form 5 for each aircraft renewing much be in eServices
  6. 70-5Q Airplane (found in CAP Forms - fill out for the aircraft type you are using on your check ride) 
  7. Aircrew Professionalism (one time — Required)
  8. Aircraft Ground Handling (must be renewed every 24 months)
  9. G1000 Refresher (Every 36 months)
  10. Garmin G1000 NXi Transition & Garmin G1000 Electronic Stability and Protection (if using an NXi aircraft and not previously qualified)

Upload to Ops Quals in eServices:

  1. Pilot Certificate
  2. Instructor Certificate
  3. Medical Certificate or Basic Med documentation
  4. Evidence of Flight Review (scan of logbook endorsement)
  5. High Performance Endorsement
  6. Most recent logbook page showing total PIC and cross country hours
  7. CAPF 70-11 (G1000 training - documenting ground school and 2 flights)
  8. Mountain Flying Course
  9. COWG Form 9 (mountain flight checkout)
  10. Form 5 (upload most recent annual and always keep your initial Form 5)
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