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Cadet Uniforms

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ABU Uniform Wear
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Q: What is the big deal about uniforms and why should I care? 

A: There are many reasons. When you join CAP, you take an oath to wear the uniform properly. The Air Force prescribes the way that we wear "their" uniform and accessories. If CAP members fail to wear the uniforms properly, this shows disrespect for the uniform and reflects badly on CAP and the Air Force. This is unacceptable for a CAP member. Proper uniform wear shows self-discipline, develops teamwork, and develops a sense of "Esprit de Corps". "Esprit de Corps" is that level of morale and sense of pride that comes from being part of a unit or organization that excels.

Q: Does it matter what order my ribbons are in? 

A: Yes, ribbons have specific orders they must be in.

·        Cadets - McChord Ribbon Rack Builder

·        Seniors - McChord Ribbon Rack Builder

·        Other Information – CAPR 39-3 / Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons, and Certificates

Q: Does it matter where other specialty badges and additional insignia go? 

A: Yes, these must be placed correctly and they are limited.

·        Reference CAPR 39-1 – Rocketry Badge, NRA Badge, and more


Q: What happens if I don’t wear my uniform correctly?

A: We understand things happen. However, to ensure we are enforcing CAP and Air Force uniform standards here is what you can expect.


·        Minor infractions will be handled on a case by case basis.

o   You may be asked to fall out of formation or take off your insignia for the night.

·        Major infractions 

o   You will be asked to fall out of formation.

o   Remove insignias for the night.

·        Uniform Inspections and recurring infractions 

If you are continually not passing uniform inspections. Not making the necessary corrections, and do not show pride for the uniform additional disciplinary action may occur. 

o   Proper uniform wear is a requirement for promotion and will prevent you from promoting.

o   You may not be allowed to attend outside CAP activities until uniform issues are resolved.

o   You may not be allowed to fall into your flight.

o   Written warnings and a call to parents may occur if uniform issues are not corrected.

o   If this issue continues we may discuss your continued participation in CAP.



Night Before a CAP meeting or event:

·        Make sure your uniform is ironed, insignias and name tags placed correctly, and you know where all uniform items are.

·        Make sure hair is to CAP regulations (refer to CAPR 39-1), especially if you need a haircut.


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