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Cadet Female - Blues Uniform

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Check with the squadron first!

·         The squadron may have uniforms or be able to reach out to supply to see if there is a uniform that will fit. Smaller uniforms are harder

           to come by.

·         NOTE: Uniforms provided by the squadron or supply must be returned when you leave the squadron or outgrow the uniform. 



Blues' Basics - Female 

Class B Uniform or Service Uniform

  • Flight cap (female)                                        CAP1015J
  • Cadet flight cap device                                  CAP0748A                        * DO NOT PURCHASE *
  • Light blue, s/sleeve blouse (female)              CAP1017                          Check with HCS first
  • Blue 3-Line nameplate (last name)               CAP0599M                        Purchased w/ squadron dues check to squadron * DO NOT PURCHASE *
  • Blue trousers (female)                                   CAP3500A                         Check with HCS first
  • Blue skirt (female)                                         CAP3600A
  • Blue belt (with silver buckle)                          2500500
  • Shoes or pumps                                            na
  • Undershirt: plain white, v-neck                      na



The female blues shirt does not have pockets.

Princess cut shirt (short or long sleeve). 

A tie tab is NOT required with the short sleeve shirt.



Cadet Basics - NCO's

Flight cap device / Insignia

Centered on left side, 1 1⁄2” from edge.

  • Cadet Basics - NCO's - will wear the Flight Cap Device
  • Cadet Officers - Will wear a regular size grade insignia.

Male and female flight caps are slightly different in style but prescribe the same rule for placing the device.

Cadet Officers



Blue nametag (females)


Centered on the right breast, even with inches higher or lower than the first exposed button, parallel to the ground. 

Ribbons (females)


Centered on the left breast, parallel to the ground. The bottom of the set of ribbons is even with the bottom of the nametag. Wear of ribbons is optional on the light blue shirt.




Rest 1-inch from the  collar edge, parallel to that edge and centered. Chevrons are worn on both collars and in the same manner on ABUs and Blues alike. Until you earn your first stripe, you won’t wear anything on your collar.

Blues skirt (females)


The skirt length will be no longer than the bottom of the kneecap or shorter than the top of the kneecap.



Belt & buckle

The tip of the buckle extends to the wearer’s right (females). No belt fabric should show. The edge of the shirt’s button placket, the edge of the buckle, and the edge of the trouser fly must align. This alignment is called the “gig line.”  

Wear the silver tipped belt and buckle with Blues and the tan rigger belt with ABUs. 

Blues pants

The front of the pant leg should rest on the front of the shoe, with a slight break in the crease and 7⁄8” longer on the back.


Long Sleeve Blue's shirt (optional)

Cadet Basic - NCO


The tie tab is required to be worn if wearing the long sleeve shirt. 

Cadet Officer


Class A uniform or Dress Blues (optional)

The Service Jacket is optional at all ranks.

  • It may be requested for special events or color guard activities.

The tie tab is required to be worn if wearing the service jacket. 

If the service jacket is removed, the name tag and rank must also be worn on the over blouse. The ribbon rack is optional. 

Insignia Placement

  • Will be placed halfway up the seam, resting on but not over it. The “CAP” letters in the insignia are parallel with the ground. Grade insignia replaces lapel insignia for cadet Airmen and NCOs. 

Cadet Airmen & NCO

  • Will wear their grade insignia on their lapel. 

Cadet Officer

  • Will wear the shoulder boards with the regular size rank insignia.
  • Will wear the CAP insignia on their lapels. 

Other Blues Uniform Items

  • Air Force belt blue cotton with mirror finish buckle and tip.
  • Black socks or hosiery with skirts
  • Black plain dress shoes or pumps.
Headgear / Cover
  • The female flight cap is more rounded than the male flight cap which is squared off.
  • Headgear will be worn outdoors at all times, unless in a designated “no hat” area.
  • Cadet Officers will wear their grade insignia on the cap instead of the hat device.
  • Undershirt: White V-Neck T-Shirt
Tie Tab
  • Tie tab is optional for the short sleeve blues shirt.
  • Tie tab is required for the long sleeve blues shirt or when worn with the service jacket.
Headgear / Cover - Cadet Officer & Honor Guard
(Wheel Cap)
  • Will only be worn with the Service Dress.
  • Cadet Officers - The Male Wheel cover is optional and authorized for females to wear.
  • Honor Guard -  Male Service cap with Cadet Officer cap device and rear chinstrap will be worn by all Honor Guard members. 
  • Cadet service cap insignia/cap device; no clouds and darts are authorized for cadets. 
  • The visor-type service cap is banded with dark blue 1 ¾-inch braid and has a front black chinstrap.
    • An optional version has a braid of an open mesh construction and an optional black leather back strap.
  • Cadet service cap insignia; no clouds and darts are authorized for cadets. 

Wear Instructions

  • The cap sits squarely on the head with no hair protruding in front of the cap.
  • When cap is to be placed on the head, place the thumb on one side of the cap above the visor, two fingers on the top above the insignia, and the remainder of the fingers on the other side above the visor. Do not touch the visor. 
  • When the cap is not worn, it is to be carried under the left arm with crown (top) toward the arm and the visor to the front.


Service Jacket
  • The service jacket is optional for all ranks.
    • It may be requested for special events or color guard activities.
    • Due to cost, cadets growing, etc. some decide to wait until cadets receive their officer rank to purchase one. But it is NOT required for officers to wear the service jacket.
  • Female service jacket is contoured, has a left breast pocket, 3 USAF Crest or CAP Crest buttons, and two patch pockets slightly below the waistline.
    • You can purchase an enlisted service jacket.
      • Cadet Officer shoulder boards come with velcro that can be sewn onto the shoulders.
      • Or there are enlisted-to-officer conversion kits that can be purchased to have a tailor sew on.
      • Note: Cadet officers do NOT wear the Air Force blue sleeve braids.
Outer Garments
  • The USAF-style Topcoat, All-weather Coat, Lightweight Blue Jacket, Wool/Acrylic Pullover or Cardigan Sweater may be worn.









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