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Forms, Regulations, & Documents


Title Category Date Modified Description/Addtl Info.
CAPF 161 - Emergency Contact Info (with Squadron Commander Info) HCS  Forms 02/25/2022 One copy should be on your person at all times.

A second copy is required at any CAP activity outside a regular meeting.
CAPF 60-80 - Permission Slip (Blank) CAP Forms 02/2018 Required for all activities outside the squadron.
CAPF 160 - Health History CAP Forms 06/2013 CAP Member Health History Form.
Required for anyone bringing medication to an activity.
Fitness Waiver CAPP 52-18 CAP Forms 5/27/2017 Physical Fitness waiver for a cadet with a temporary or permanent disability. 
HCS Community Service Record Log HCS Forms 8/6/2017 Provide 60 hrs service outside CAP
CAPR 39-3
HRLETF Facility Waiver HCS  Forms 5/28/2021 Required to be on file for all HCS members. 



Title Category Date Modified Description/Addtl Info.
24 & 72 Hour Pack, UDF Pack, Team Leader Pack lists Emergency Services 5/23/2017 24 & UDF Pack list only
Cadet Promotions Checklist HCS Documents 05/18/2023  
HCS Promotion Process HCS Documents 9/4/2018 Document on how to promote.
HCS - SOP & General Knowledge HCS Documents 05/23/2022 HCS Standard Operating Procedure  & General Knowledge Handbook
New Cadet Checklist HCS Documents 5/28/2021  
New Senior Member Checklist HCS Documents    
How to update contact info in eServices HCS Documents 10/10/2023  
Sign up for Remind HCS Documents 4/23/2017  
HCS Resources HCS Documents 12/30/2018  
SQTR & 101 Card in eServices Emergency Services 9/4/2018  
GES 116 / Test Review Materials (General Emergency Services) Emergency Services 7/28/2019  
Grade Abbreviations for Officers CAP Document 6/3/2019  
HCS Sample Cover Letter   9/27/2020  
Sample Resume   9/27/2020  
HCS Job Descriptions   9/27/2020 This is a sample of possible positions.



Title Category Date Modified Description/Addtl Info.
COWG Command Philosophy Other 11/23/2019 Letter from the new COWG commander, Col John Rhodes
Updated COVID-19 Phase Criteria - Jan 31st, 2022 Other - Covid 02/02/2022 From: CAP/CC
Major General, CAP
Colorado Wing Phase 1 Remobilization Other - Covid 01/07/2022 MEMORANDUM FOR: COWG MEMBERS
2021 CAP Worship Weekend Memo Other 12/29/2021 Letter from LINDA J. PUGSLEY, Ch, Col, CAP
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